How to change my landscape video so it is landscape but vertically landscape on my phone.

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So I want to upload to TikTok and I want my video to stay horizontal. I hate the small video in the middle with the black spaces on top and bottom. I want the video to be horizontal on phone so it fills the whole screen, making the audience on TikTok rotate their phone to landscape. Any help? I am using HitFilm.

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    @tantheman4801 What you will want to do is set up both a Vertical Video format to work in and also a Vertical Video Export Preset both of which will match TokTok's optimum resolutions. Then you will want to bring in your footage and rotate it 90 degree and fit it to frame within that format. Don't forget to use the Vertical Video Export Preset that you create when exporting. Take a look at the video below for more details. In that lesson I don't actually turn the video 90 degrees, but that would be the easy part!