How to rotate a still image and decelerate it over time?

chanequebec Posts: 9 Just Starting Out
I am trying to animate a decision wheel/roulette like the one used at a certain game show. I have this image of my wheel (w/ alpha background) and the idea is for it to remain still a couple seconds, then start spinning, and finally decelerate before coming to a full stop.

I first used the Transform function on my image and set a neutral rotation keyframe at 00:00:00, then another one at 00:02:00, and one at 00:12:00 with a x8, 360º setting. As a result the wheel spins perfectly and beautifully when pre-rendered on my Full HD / 60fps project. I then applied the Speed effect and put 3 keyframes to animate the decelerating effect (x1.0 from 00:00:00 to 00:05:00 to keep the original speed, and x0.0 at 00:11:00 to make it slow down to full stop) but the effect isn't working! The wheel keeps spinning at its original speed and never stops.

I read Axel's suggestion of embedding the media into a comp and applying the Speed effect there and it worked, but the animation now has a weird ghosting effect which makes it useless.

I have researched for a while and can't find a definitive fix for this problem, any suggestions? All help will be greatly appreciated.