Maybe I will use HitFilm Express/Pro if.....

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At the moment I'm using Premier Pro but only for one purpose. It's because of its ability to change speed/duration. After many days of search I've stumbled upon HitFilm and suddenly I've found a software that can do the same thing. Now I have some questions as a newbie to those software’s:

1. When I launch Software Express the layout is terrible. It’s light gray and makes it difficult to work with. How do I change it so it gets dark? In HitFilm Pro the background is perfect.

2. In the timeline I really need to use my arrow keys to move forward and backward but I can’t figure out how to do this. It’s important for me to be able to only move just one frame at a time.

3. I export with MP4/H.264 but the kbit/s is really poor. At the moment I get around 10.000 kbit/s and I need a little bit higher. One option is to export in a different format and then change it with another software but that will just make my work more time-consuming.


  • NormanPCN
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    1. Express defaults to grey. Dark is available in the pay what you want mechanism.
    2. The manual covers this, and for quick reference the app options/preference dialog lists the keyboard shortcuts. You can edit/change the shortcuts. In Hitfilm the , and . keys are single frame.
    3. Create an export preset with the settings you desire. In Hitfilm the export settings are taken from the preset chosen. All settings are in this. File type, codec, bit rate audio and so on. Don't like the default ones. Create your own.