VC Saber not Showing up Text Layer Dropdown while Text Layer is selected

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I havs issues with the VC Saber Plugin from Video Copilot

When i am Selecting "Text Layer" in the "Customize Core" Setting it will does nothing and dows not showing up the Text Layer selection Dropdown to select the Text Layer to apply the Saber Plugin to a Text Layer

Here is a Screenshot while "Text Layer" is Selected in the "Core Type" Dropdown but underneath the selection no "Text Layer"-Dropdown is showing up:

I am use this plugin everyday and is a very important plugin for my daily work in Hitfilm Pro

My Specs:

MSI GF75 Thin Gaming Laptop

i7 10750H (6C/12T) 2,6 GHz

GTX 1660Ti 6GB


Windows 11

Hitfilm Version:

Hitfilm Pro 2021.2


Video Copilot Saber

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    @GlotzTube Also, I would like to point out that I noticed you are using Windows 11 which has not been thoroughly test for use with Hitfilm by the Dev team yet. While this doesn't appear to be the case here, this could give rise to other quirks in Hitfilm in the future.