My Worst Nightmare : Dedicated to stop motion animators

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    Very nice! I always (most of the time) love your videos. I was even thinking of trying to make a stop motion myself. Where do you get the character models?

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    Now THAT'S a real nightmare scenario!

    (bet "Wire Removal" could fix the hair...)

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    Thanks both.

    The figures are Mega Construx which, in the UK, you can only get from ebay, US Amazon and, if you're lucky, UK Amazon. They're 2" high (about 5-6 cm) and, for their size, really well articulated. I could use Lego but, for me, they suit my videos better.

    The usual way is to use rig removal if you have a suitable clean plate frame. It's so time consuming though if it's over multiple frames. I guess you could track the hair and use wire removal though. I nearly used a camera nudge as the thing that goes wrong but, when I thought about it, an unnoticed hair is a much bigger problem.