Upgrade pricing....€=$ why?

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I've tried to update Hitfilm 2 Ultamite to 3 pro versione but...bad surprise....

The upgrade cost is $169 or €169!!!

Why? 169 $ are less than 136 €...the addition 33 € are intended for...what?

There is Digital Delivery so shipping price is not the answer...

Is there a way to pay in USD (I don't pay conversion tax with my credit card)...?

Many thanks.


  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff Administrator, Moderator, Website User Posts: 1,058 Staff
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    @Senturu - All of the pricing is based on the currency exchange rates and VAT attributed based on where you are.
    To quote Axel on the main forum thread: "pricing is different for different countries, not only because of currency exchange rates, but also due to different tax models. Whether the price includes VAT, or if the purchaser has to pay tax locally afterward will make a difference."

    Hope this answers your question :)

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