Moving a position of a group containing a Solid Color layer with a mask.

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I think I found a bug or something not implement yet. Or I'm just missing something?

I have an Image which is vector masked and 2nd Solid Color layer with an Area Mask below it creating a drop shadow. When I group the two layers and try to move the position of the group. The Image layers moves but the Solid Color layer with Area Mask doesn't along move with it. I also tried selecting both layers with the same results.

The only work around I've found is saving the two layers as an .imerge file with "Render Enabled", and making second composite. But that limits the flexibility of the drop shadow in the final composite.


  • TheBenNorris
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    @jstuartj Solid layers are not physical, movable layers. They are just layers that will always fill the screen. That said, it's caught me a few times when I've tried to move a solid layer, so I'll bring it up with the team.

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    @jstuartj Hey I think the issue here is that as @TheBenNorris stated, solid color layers always fill the canvas and as such, they don't move when the group they are in is moved.

    This is something we can look into in the future.

    However, we have an Outer Glow effect, that can be used to create a drop shadow which might be worth looking at.

  • jstuartj
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    Thanks, for the feedback. I figure that was the case. Luckily my composite was simple and I could adjust the mask position manually. Normally when I create a projected shadow. I extract and isolative the actual shadow from the product shot and creating the shadow on its own image layer. I tried to cheat and just make the shadow by hand.

    Outer Glow appears work in some instances. But it need to be applied to an image layer. After a playing today and realize that masks only have position when defined on an image layers. Which seriously limits their uses.

    I found a new solution: Create a (126,126,126 ) gray image add it to the group and set it to passthrough and the gray layer's blending mode to multiply. Then I could add masks and adjustment layers to adjust the color, increase the density etc... A 100% black image might also work, but limits it's flexibility and using some adjustment layers.