Audio Noise reduction does not apply on Export

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I've played around with the Audio effect "noise reduction" and read some guides/the manual. I wanted to remove the background noise caused by my running PC in the background. I captured a Noise Print, played around with the Threshold/Reduction until I was satisfied with the result. The noise was mostly gone and the remaining audio was overall quieter, but still fine.

It works out well in the preview/viewer in HitFilm Express, but once I export the video (pre-made preset Youtube 720p 60pfs) the audio effect simply does not apply.

I tried both export for content, export for In and Out Point etc.

Am I missing something? Do I have to somewhere check something to actually apply the effect?


  • Stargazer54
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    @Ariathos92 Personally, I have not had a lot of luck with the built in nose reduction feature in HF. (But somebody else on the forum may be better at using it.)

    I always export the audio as a .wav file out of HF, then process for noise reduction in Audacity. Then I export the processed audio to a new .wav file, import that into HF onto a second audio layer and make sure it is in sync with the original. Then mute the original (leaving it on the timeline in case you have to go back and try again).

    Here is the link to Audacity:

    Here is a link on how to do noise reduction:

  • Ariathos92
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    Thank you!
    That's a very helpful answer.
    I resorted to go about it this way already, a shame the paid plug-in proved to be basically worthless..
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    @Ariathos92 If you purchased the plug in fewer than 14 days ago, you can always get deactivate it and get a refund.