Hitfilm occasionally freezes in 2021.2 update

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I am doing a project that is over 30 minutes long, and still more to go and am editing it in segments and is a 2 camera project, that is, main and B roll and am using a different technique for proceeding due in part to the subject. Assembling is putting down most of the main camera clip (in this case, chapter 1 via GoPro) with good audio, trimming out the extraneous bits at the beginning as I ID and clap to start a take, keeping the entire thing (almost) of the good take as a base timeline.

Then I drop in the B roll off a Canon Vixia camcorder with scratch audio that's trimmed to the good take at the beginning, then I get them aligned up via wave forms of both audio tracks to sync them. Once synced, I then can delete the scratch audio from the Canon by unlinking and just delete the audio, leaving the B footage in place, and leaving the GoPro with my wireless lav for the good audio and then begin to cut out the parts of the B roll (technically, camera 2) so I am "cutting" between them. However, Hitfilm does not crash per se, but goes unresponsive for 30 sec's to a minute before resuming and it didn't do this before the update, even when editing a longer video.

Specs are:

Core i5, 5470 processor

500GB of SSD storage for OS/programs and a 1TB external HDD for editing (I know, best it be an SSD too) and an older HDD for scratch discs, 500GB and internal

16GB of RAM

NVIDIA Geforce 610GT graphics card with 1GB of VRAM

Windows 10 Pro, Version 21H1, build 19043.1237



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    @littlehausbigcity I'm afraid you are bouncing on along the bottom of minimum spec with your 610 GT card. That coupled with the fact that you are trying to edit video together from different formats (codecs) is probably making your CPU do a double take and causing the occasional freezes.

    While they both may be "mp.4", that is just a container. The underlying codec for the Canon and the GoPro are probably different. Would recommend transcoding both to the same codec with something like Handbrake.

    Also if you are editing at 4K then your rig will struggle. If your output is going to be 1080p then transcoding to 1080 should improve performance.

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    I realize the graphics card is at the bottom of the barrel as far as what Hitfilm can support, and the GoPro is H.265/HEVC, which I've transcoded via Handbrake to the settings Morman recommends, but didn't do the Canon which is AVC(HD), or H.264, that typically will work as is in Hitfilm, but not the GoPro footage so have not had to transcode the Canon. Perhaps I should use the same settings for it in Handbrake as I use for the GoPro as I'm well aware that both codecs used are not edit friendly, despite the fact that I'm editing via proxies in 2021.2.

    I do have proxies set to be used in Hitfilm in the current iteration.

    I'll try also transcoding the Canon footage with the next project along with the GoPro footage and see if that improves things enough until I can upgrade the graphics card. I'm well aware that is at the very minimum I need to upgrade if not the entire PC with a newer one, of which I'm well aware I may need to do sooner than later anyway.

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    You're basically at bare minimum specs for Hitfilm 16+.

    With HF 17 (2021.2) Hitfilm has now shifted to a heavy usage of cache files - proxies and the Timeline Cache. In your case the fact you're using HDDs - and externals at that - is going to really hamper your system. 20 years ago a typical consumer HDD was barely sufficient to handle SD video and 1080p video is seven nine times the data of SD 16:9 video. That same HDD is now not only streaming your project media, but ia now dealing with your cache and proxy files.

    In the File>Options menu you can turn off proxy and cache options, but, really, it's time to try to upgrade your hardware. It is unrealistic to expect speedy response from your machine.

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    Fair enough, I get it, can't do anything about it right now, now that I know that using proxies and what not uses cache and that does explain why all of a sudden the current hitfilm update now pauses while the PC catches up. Not realizing that the proxies can add a load of their own as I know that using AVC/HEVC are not edit friendly as that's what both cameras output was causing stuttered video (though to admit, not nearly as bad as when I was using the same cameras in Premiere Pro.

    That said, I transcode to Norm's specs in Handbrake, however, the Canon footage (AVCHD) was not transcoded so it took a bit to import but once in, it was accepted and was fine, which I don't recall it taking longer to do, but was always been taken readily, even in Premiere as it's H.264. I've always have had to transcode the GoPro due to H.265, just to import.

    So will have to muddle along for now, unfortunately due to the pandemic, no work and am trying to get working and one job I've not heard back from, need to email again and had an interview, but the pay is low, PT and temporary but it's a start.

    At least now I know why it's having these issues, and knew that I was at the bottom of the specs and that it didn't have this issue before the update and it all makes sense.

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    @littlehausbigcity With that knowledge going forward, I still believe you can squeeze out some extra performance by transcoding both video files to the same codec. That will at least give the CPU a fighting chance to keep up and not have to stop and decide what to do with the different codecs.

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    Thanks, eventually I realized that is what I need to do. Will on the next project.

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    @littlehausbigcity could you contact support about this issue if possible please? We are keen to gather as much information as possible regarding the performance/freezing issues you mentioned. It would be good to know a few things if possible, including:

    • Is hardware decoding enabled?
    • Is this in the editor, or comp?
    • Could you send us any of the footage that causes the issues?

    www.fxhome.com/ask thank you.