Won't load slow motion videos after 2021.2 update

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I just updated to version 2021.2 and existing projects that have original footage shot with my Galaxy S10 in slow motion, the slow motion clips won't load (see attached)

The videos appear as if they cannot be located in the directory (circled red) yet are there. When selected, they will not display in the Trimmer yet can be edited for cut-in and cut-out (circled yellow). In the Timeline, the video does not show (occasional choppy frames when played, yet the audio plays) (circled green).

I think this is a new glitch, and it affects multiple projects. Help please!!


  • TheBenNorris
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    @JLKunka there should be a warning triangle on the media saying why the footage has failed to import, which will be on the top right of the item in the Media Panel. Since you have the panel so small, it is likely you cannot see it, so double check just in case, hopefully it will be present and provide more information.

    Additionally, please see the pinned post at the top of the Community Support subforum, as it includes information required for posting support requests.

  • JLKunka
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    See attached screen grabs:

    Nvidia Quadro K2100M

    The files do import, and as you can see from my original attachment, the trimmer will let you edit start and end points, but says "The video frame cannot be displayed" . Using the gear for the example file, there are no errors shown. Loading the project does not put up any error messages about files that cannot be loaded, like when I have moved files out of their directory and Hitfilm cannot find them. Rendered videos have audio, but are black except for an occasional frame.

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    @JLKunka I'm not sure in that case then unfortunately, please contact the official support team and hopefully they can get to the bottom of the issue! www.fxhome.com/ask