[FEATURE] project work time counter

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Often when working on a project, I forget to write down all the hours I worked on it. Often the project itself is very time-consuming, so it is impossible to remember how many hours we spent on it. In the case of a project for money, this is an important criterion for the final bill. If a counter of "active" working time on a project were to be introduced, it would be a great help for users like me. Thanks to this, you can also estimate the required working time in advance to present the price range for the customer. I think that it would not be something difficult to introduce and it would help users in their implementation. I hope many of us would be pleased with such a solution. Regards!


  • mabdelbary
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    @sprinter89 Very practical idea

    I would also add an option to count different tasks or disable the counter. For example, 1 hour in editing is different than 1 hour in VFX, so, I can ask HitFilm to start counting any type of work which I can name, then I will be able to know how many hours and what to charge.

    Thanks for sharing!!