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hi everyone my name is NIGEL from South Africa. I'm a self-taught videographer and video editor , I have been using HITFILM for a year now. This first time in an online community ,I'm here to learn and grow with everyone.


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    @nigelxeno Welcome Nigel! It is very nice to meet you. I look forward to seeing your projects and to grow with you as well! 😀

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    Hi, Nigel. Welcome to the forum. I think you've joined an excellent filmmaking community, and we do all love to share and swap tips and techniques. We all learn together.

    I recommend you subscribe to the FXhome YouTube channel as well as those for FilmSensei and MotionEpic. I'll also suggest my own "Hitfilm University" channel. My own tutorials are getting old and some need revision, but, on the Hit-U channel I keep Playlists for about 60 other tutorial channels. So, through Hit-U Playlists you should find thousands of tutorial on channels you can then click through and subscribe to directly (and do subscribe to those channels. I don't want to steal another creator's view count, I just want to make it easy for Hitfilm users to FIND those channels!)

    Make sure you post your first edits here - we'd love to see them, and, of course, if you have questions, people here are helpful.

    I've seen a lot of great work coming from Africa in the past few years, most notably, "The Critics Who Rule," who started off making shorts with Blender and Hitfilm and have been too busy to post much on social media these days because they're all doing paid contract work now!

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    @nigelxeno Welcome to the forum. I lived in SA for several years and love the people.

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    @Triem23 @FilmSensei Thank you guys ill do my best and level up

    here's my first and second videos i made [Vertigo and Paralysis]