Need a green screen, try the Tate Liverpool

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Hi, just come back from a visit to the Tate Liverpool and found that in the family room they have a green screen installed. I have it a go and find it ok. Not the best but if you need to do some simple green screen work and your local it is a cheap way to get access to one. The gallery is free, just book in advance.

Last Wednesday there was no one else in the room so you could get away with a run and gun shoot.

It's used to put kids into the top of art within the gallery.



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    Looks like it just needs some led light stands to knock down the shadows from those hanging fixtures. I can't be sure, but I don't think they will help much as far as lighting for keying. Could be wrong though.

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    That's actually pretty cool.

    Random memory. A house down the street from where a friend lived in Hollywood USED to be painted a bright green. Well, there were often film student crews showing up to use that house as a green screen.

    A year later the owner repainted... To a perfect chroma blue. Same issue.

    A year after that, house became red.

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    Well, he was just key-teasing, wasn't he?

    Get them all used to using it then yank the rug out.