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Two videos of identical dimensions have been cropped by hit film on being imported. They play fine in Windows but for unknown reasons they are cropped. I've installed the latest 2021 update.

Orientation doesn't fix it, nor does resizing. The base profile accommodates all separate videos but on more than one occasion in one sitting, this cropping has occurred.

Can someone please shed some light on a fix for this. It looks similar to [ Image is cropping when I place it on the timeline — FXhome Community ] but given that not all videos are affected, I really don't want to edit the source or invidividual frames.



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    @Steel First, you probably noticed that I moved your question to the Community Help forum since it would be more likely to find an answer here. Second, I am not certain but this sounds like an issue that I have seen others reporting with the new version, and relating to the timeline cache setting. You might try going to FILE/OPTIONS/CACHE and uncheck the box I highlighted and see if that helps with your issue. It very well may not as I only suspect a correlation. If it does not, you might consider creating a ticket with Support and sending an example file that you have problems with. They are working to narrow this down and have much much more experience than I in the issue.

    I do hope I guessed correctly though and this helps you out.

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    Hitfilm Express?

    Original video is vertical?

    What's the original frame dimensions of the source video? I'm going to guess 2160x3840.

    Vertical resolution in Hitfilm is dependant on your GPU. Depending on your hardware you might not be able to create anything more than 1080 pixels high. In this case your vertical dimensions are limited to 608x1089.

    No matter what Hitfilm EXPRESS is limited to a vertical resolution of 2160. This gives you an effective max resolution of 1080x1920.

    Your viewer looks like might be set up for a horizontal project (ie 1920x1080 is horizontal white 1080x1920 is vertical). Placing vertical video in a horizontal project will crop the top and bottom of the image.

    Hitfilm loads all video to a Timeline at "actual size." basically if you load (example) 2160x3840 footage into a 1080x1920 project your footage will look "zoomed in," since it's larger than the project Timeline. In this case right click the media on the Timeline and select a "Fit to Frame" option. Starting with HF 2021.2, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to the Fit to Frame options.

    It's possible you've found a bug. I don't work with vertical video, so this is something I've never encountered.

    Please read the thread I'll link below. There is a list of questions about your computer we'll need answered, a link to the program MediaInfo, which can give useful data about your source video, and a link about GPU drivers. If your GPU drivers are out of date, that can cause all kinds of issues. Try updating drivers first and see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise, listing your system specs and a MediaInfo report on your source video might help us narrow down the issue.

    It's also possible tddavis's suggestion about clearing/disabling the cache might do it.