Is there a preset for the titler in Hitfilm Express?

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Every time I open a new project, I need to rebuild my title as I keep it at one style for most videos and would love a preset for it. I tried to find where that is, but not finding it, or simply missed it somewhere.

I know Premiere has one for their graphics (old titler too) and it's nice if you want to keep something consistent from one video to the next. In this case, Calibri text with yellow and black outline, though I understand you can do a drop shadow, but not through the titler.

Is there such a preset for the titleler?



  • Triem23
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    The text tool doesn't store presets of font/size/color.

    However, there are ways to manages presets and templates in Hitfilm. Composite Shots can be saved and reloaded between projects. You can also transfer Comps between projects by using the Import Composite Shot menu but select a PROJECT file. A pop up will let you select Comps from the chosen Project file. Finally, there's "Publishing" which lets you save a Comp to the Templates menu where Hitfilm's built in lower third templates live.

    This tutorial is on Publishing, but part of Publishing is saving and reloading the desired Comp, so this is kind of a two-for-one.

  • littlehausbigcity
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    Thanks Triam23, I had wondered if the answer was essentially, a no. At least composites and the like can be saves though.