I made couple short movies (I really gave myself for this)

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Hello to everybody. This is my first post here. Because this is 'show off' section, I will share couple short movies with you.

All of them I made in HitFilm Express and I wrote (made in HitFilm Express) that in the first line of every description on YouTube (at least something from me - because this software is really easy for work).

I spend like 3 weeks to make those and I'll continue to word on this content, because I couldn't find to much people who do the same or similar movies. I found myself creative for weird stuff and satire, or dark humor (I'm 30+, so in this age you see things different). So I think that I can make 'something' with this channel which I created yesterday and uploaded those videos.

This is 'fake' trailer for movie which will not be publish. I was trying to make quality smoke effect and couldn't, so decide to make joke of it with very bad (overlay video) way :)


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    The next one is weird and has some horror and sick elements. So If you are younger than 18, don't watch. For this one I used Photoshop also (to make those sick png stuff)


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    And one more I will share with you - Custom video which I made for Phantom song (by Zac Nelson). I changed cockpit in Photoshop (made bigger windows and anyway because copyright I needed to edit it)


    And I don't know why those two are links, not direct video like the first one. Not my bad, sorry.

    I hope that you will like some of this. I really put my effort in this :)
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    I loved them all

    I laughed so loud at "Tell your mom to close the windows"

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    Thanks Man. Sorry, I was about to respond, but accidentally delete bookmark. To be honest, I'm loosing my will to make more. I mean, I will, but it doesn't go how I excepted. People upload millions of trash videos and because that number, there is small chance that somebody will reach you. I'm so pissed cause that.