Why is my video not showing??

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i just downloaded the most recent version of hitfilm express, i then found out that my most recent project was not showing one of my videos. the video was not corrupted and still present in the media tab, it said something like frames not showing. starting over is not an option due to the hours poured into this singular bit. help would be thanked

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    Posting requirements are listed in this thread - a sticky - at the top of the Support forum.

    In short, it's the list of questions that need to be answered before anyone even stands a chance of answering your question. The sticky exists because, frankly, users, Mods Ambassadors and Staff got really tired of typing the same list over and over, so I'll let you read the link.

    TheBenNorris is FXhome Staff, a Hitfilm dev, and he who posted the support sticky.

    @DataDesign we know people never read the sticky threads. Just drop the link for the users.

    A "CODEC" stands for "COMpressor/DECompressor" and is the actual data format used to store the video - btw, we are a family-friendly forum and we do try to avoid profanity. The curse filter SHOULD have caught your bomb, but didn't. I've edited the comment in question and passed a note to the web team.

    Unfortunately, telling us you've download the file from YouTube tells us almost nothing. Much of the results you'll get depend on your YouTube Downloader. I have one that downloads in WEBP - and Hitfilm doesn't read WEBP. Another downloads Mp4, which Hitfilm CAN read.

    Frame rate: "the default one" doesn't help. YouTube videos might be 23.97, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 48, 50, 59.97 or 60fps, depending on the original upload. Again, depending on the YouTube Downloader, the file MIGHT have downloaded at the original frame rate, or it might have been converted to 30fps.

    Again, depending on the YouTube Downloader, you might have gotten a Variable Frame Rate (VFR) file. Hitfilm (and every NLE) wants Constant Frame Rate (CFR) footage.

    Dimensions: "the default one" tells us nothing. YouTube videos might be 320x240, 640x360, 854x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080, 2560x1440, 2704x1520, or 3840x2160, depending on the original upload. Depending on your YouTube Downloader, download resolution might cap at 1280x720 or 1920x1080.

    Reporting the error message as "something like frames not showing" doesn't help. For users, well, we don't really know the error messages, but those are helpful for Staff. Especially if there's an Error Code attached (like Error Code 37).

    Determining the actual characteristics of your source video can be done with the free program "MediaInfo." more information, and a download link, can be found in the linked thread, above.

    Knowing your system specs (again, these questions are in the linked thread), accurate information about your video file, and accurate information about the error message are required before we can even try to help you. Right now you've given exactly no useful information.

    This is ALSO covered in the linked thread, but making certain your GPU drivers are updated should be your first step. Obsolete drivers cause all kinds of problems.

    Finally, one thread per question, please. Multiple threads make it harder to keep question and solution together, and/or lead to multiple users answering the same thing in the same way in multiple threads. I wouldn't have needed to define codecs for you if I'd seen that Stargazer had already answered that in your other thread. In fact, half of this response is a duplicate of Stargazer's answer. This means you wasted 10 minutes of my time as a volunteer that could have been used on someone else's question. Plus the merge. Plus this edited last paragraph.

    Once we have accurate information on your system and video, hopefully we'll help you get up and running.

    At a guess you'll need to transcode your video - convert from one format to another. We'll cover transcoding at the proper time.

    But, if you DO news to transcode, by right clicking the original file in the Media Bin and selecting "Relink" you'll be able to swap the original file with transcode in the project and preserve your edits. This is good news as we'll, hopefully, be able to preserve the work you've already done once we figure out what's happening. ๐Ÿ‘

    So, we end on good news.