Hitfilm Upgrade and issues.

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Hi community, I am not staff but I am a Beta tester for Hitfilm. I am also an ex-techy that has worked on several IT support functions and therefore I know a little about fault and problem diagnostics.

I see several people have unfortunately found that updating their Hitfilm to the latest release has caused issue with performance, when seemingly there was none before in a previous version. Been there got the t-shirt and all that jazz.

There are often many factors as to way something that was working is no longer. Sometimes it is as simple as a driver being out of date, but often it is a collection of factors. These might be the spec of your hardware, the GPU you are using, the memory available to both GPU and motherboard. The type of media you are using in and or the size of media files and resolution of that media and how it is encoded.

In Hitfilm 2021.2 FXhome decided to ramp it's use of caching for media, this seems to have had a knock on effect on the amount of resources your computer is having to give to this task.

Consider, how big are the media files that I am using, what are they encoded in (some codecs are heavy duty and need more processing grunt to decode). Lets say you have a 20 min 4k video that is mpeg encoded, they is going to be pretty big. Hitfilm 2021.2 is going to try and cache it to be able to get better performance when editing or compositing. Now imaging you have 10 of these files, that is a fair bit of work for Hitfilm to send to your CPU. (I don't think Hitfilm is multi-threading optimised - a lot of software isn't) This means your CPU will be sharing processing grunt with the caching work and what you are doing up front in the editor or composit shot.

How do I fix this?

I don't have a magic answer, but you might try turning off the caching options altogether. Or try pre-transcoding your media to a format that is less CPU intensive (something discussed and talked about on this forum a lot).

Also, make sure you are not running other background tasks, particularly things like virus checkers that sweep any new files, because your CPU will be taken up resources by these and hit the performance of Hitfilm.

Or just let Hitfilm do it's caching overnight, and then see if the problem is fixed once it has completed that cache. If you are asking it to do lots of caching then give it time to complete it. You might find that editing is faster than before caching was a thing.

Good practice before upgrading

A new release has hit the streets and your eager to see what is new, but wait... back those important projects that you are working on, because once you upgrade and save those projects in the new version you can not open them in the older versions. So make a version backup. Then if all goes wrong, remove the update and load the old version and get those projects going again, while you wait for the community and FXhome to come up with solutions.

Asking for help?

Get a FXhome ticket in, follow the guidelines set out in https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/57390/support-posting-requirements-read-before-posting#latest

When posting to the community, give as much about your system, and media you can, it helps understand all variables.

My setup.

I am not a power user, my PC is about 8 years old, Win 10. I have a 1060 3gb and an Intel i3 540 and 6gb of ram (One of my slots is dead). How does Hitfilm perform for me, well depends, I work mostly in HD and if I am using particle system I pre-render it to video before I edit, because it is slow. However, I can make it work and work it does.

Good luck everyone.


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    Thanks for this. I think it would be very helpful for all the users that have posted their first post/problem.. And a good refresher for anyone.

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    Excellent suggestions, but I have one caveat.

    It's not smart (security wise) to completely disable one's antivirus solution. Instead, imply whitelist Hitfilm within your AV program (and perhaps any folders it reads/writes to) and that should help without compromising security.

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    That depends on your risk level and what you are prepared to accept. If you're doing paid work, sure take all security seriously. However as an amateur I prefer to have backups of my system and just use built-in windows security (not the best I know) but (touch wood) I've been clean for over 10 years. Most of which I believe comes with understand risk and avoiding anything that may be a threat and yes I do download from the net.

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    Best solution that I came across is to just turn off the new timeline cache feature.

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    Windows defender is actually quite decent and can easily whitelist executable (like HF) and directories.

    And since just about any decent AV can whitelist executables/files/folders, etc. I maintain that's a better, more secure way than opening up your system by fully disabling AV (which even you aren't doing if you're running MS defender).

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    Indeed that is one way, but getting to the bottom of what is affecting the performance would be better. Fxhome will have to review how many support tickets they get regarding this issue to decide how much dev time to give to fixing. If the issue only affects a very small percentage of users it might be something that isn't a big priority. Hence the all important need to log a ticket if you are having issues.

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    Bottom line kids, frame accurate video editing takes a good deal of CPU/GPU power. There are plenty of free alternatives that kind of do the job. So you are free to find what best works for you.

    But they don't have compositing or a particle system. HF was a compositor before it was an editor. It has always been a fact that HF requires a wicked game ready system to function properly and that you have to transcode Variable Frame Rate video recorded on a consumer device to Constant Frame Rate (professional format) to function properly.

    While there may be bugs that the beta testers didn't catch (because they weren't trying to hit all the wrong keys), FXHome will get it figured out. The optimal thing you can do is provide the best information possible about your issue, plus example files so they can run these to ground.