Does Hitfilm Pro have audio sync feature?

Title says it all.

I have a 2 hour event I recorded with 3 different cameras. One static camera and two roaming cameras.

It's taking a ton of editing time trying to manually sync up the various clips.

My search on this subject suggested there was but I've been unable to find anything in the app.

So is there or was I being mislead?


  • Triem23
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    I feel like I discussed this with you in another thread. Did you make two, or am I thinking of another user?

    Anyway, Hitfilm does have a basic sync feature. Info in section 5.3 of the manual.

    There's a third party program I used to use that would synch up multiple cameras and spit out a Timeline. I stopped using it cuz I was faster than the program. I can look through my old drives to find it, but you'd need to export AAF from the program and you need Pro to import AAF. For Express you're stuck with the built in sync.