[ENHANCEMENT] Denoise effect should not increase file size so rapidly

Lazarov Posts: 66 Enthusiast

The main problem is with the Denoise effect. The file size increases exponentially when you add a Denoise effect to clips on the Timeline.

For example, right now I have a project of 290 clips and 30 audio files. I add 10 of the clips on the timeline. The project size is 315 KB. I create a composite shot from the first clip. Then I create a second composite shot from the first one. Then I add a Curves effect and save the file. The size is 338 KB. I find that quite normal.

Now let me add a Denoise effect to a clip on the timeline. I don't change any of the options, but click "Analyze" and I save the file. The file is now 502 KB. I add another Denoise effect to another clip on the Timeline. The size of the file gets 660 KB. I add another Denoise effect and the file is almost 900 KB. Three (3) effects and I've got about 1 MB XML of project file. When this file becomes more than 5-6 MB, HitFilm (I'm using Pro) starts to lag every time I save the changes or it auto saves.

Working on a bigger project where you have to apply Denoise on 50+ clips (ever if it's turned off for performance's sake) the project file easily becomes 40-50+ MB and each save blocks the UI for several seconds.

A workaround to that would be to denoise the clips in another project and export them as video files prior to starting the cut on the Timeline. There are numerous downsides to that, but I don't see another option for bigger projects.