[FEATURE] Ability to make a Composite Shot from a trimmed Composite Shot on the Timeline

Lazarov Posts: 66 Enthusiast

(I haven't found such a feature request yet)

Currently you can create a Composite shot out of a trimmed video clip on the timeline. The composite shot uses is created with the trimmed part of the video. However, I can't create a Composite Shot out of this Composite Shot on the Timeline.

My current workaround is to create the second Composite Shot from the Media panel and to trim it to the same region as the Composite shot that is currently on the Timeline.

Why would one need that?

I usually denoise my clips in composite shots or work on VFX. On my timeline I have a mixture of video clips and composite shots. I do my final color grading selectively (skin color and the rest of the frame). In order to do that I create a Composite shot and there I add the layers I need. Creating a composite shot of a trimmed video is fine, but if this was already a Composite shot, it is not possible (unless you have time and nerves to do the workaround on multiple clips).