Why does hitfilm keep detecting the wrong framerate in all my blender animations?

klauxgmd Posts: 19 Just Starting Out*
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This happens with literally every single blender animation I import into hitfilm, it just keeps wrongly detecting 59 fps all the time, and I have to go in the file properties and change it to the actual framerate manually (which is 60):

And yes, my blender render settings are set as 60 fps for all my animations, and to further prove this is an issue in hitfilm's end and not in blender's, here's the file properties of that same file I shared above:

It's a 60 fps file, and when I import my animations into hitfilm, they don't sync with the audio as they were originally intended to, but they suddenly sync perfectly after I change it to 60 fps, which also makes it evident this is just hitfilm not reading the fps value right for some reason. If this could be fixed I'd be really grateful, since I have to go through the process of changing fps for every animation I make, and it's honestly very tiring.