[ENHANCEMENT] Turn Voiceover window non-modal, please!

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Please, FXhome: Turn Voiceover window non-modal, keeping it always visible. Please!

If we stop recording something, there is a reason. Usually, the reason is to listen again what is in the original audio, or to watch again some point we missed. Because of this modal window, it's not possible to do anything else but recording. It doensn't make sense and it's counterproductive to close and open again the Voiceover so many times.


  • TheBenNorris
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    As much as I would like to do this, the voiceover dialog is modal for a reason at the moment due to a bunch of different reasons. Hopefully in the future things may change and as such I will be able to give the voiceover recorder a big overhaul, but until then I'm not sure it's possible unfortunately.

    I saw the other voiceover requests in the other thread however, and they all seem pretty viable, so we will keep them in mind for future updates.

  • cgalvao
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    edited September 2021

    I'm glad you took a minute to reply and I must say that I love this software. I'll come with other ideas if I have some.

    Thank you!

  • cgalvao
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    I'm back. For those who want to make the job easier, I just found out that pressing ESC closes the Voiceover window. So I'm working well with Ctrl+Shift+R to open it, then ESC to close it and make the editions that I need before moving on.