Need to reduce the tendency of the video clips to move up and when when editing in timeline

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This is more of a nusence than anything else is when I'm trying to do things on the timeline like sliding edits or adding a clip etc, or even an effect like a dissolve or even color grade causes the video portion of the timeline to move up and down, how to reduce this, or lock it so it can't move until I need it to?

I run the latest Hitfilm Express 2021.2, which as you discovered has issues all its own but this has been an issue since I first downloaded Hitfilm in August (2021.1).

Computer is the Dell Optiplex 9020 with the 5470 Core i5 processor and 16G of RAM

NVIDIA Geforce 610 GT (yes, I realize this is bouncing along at the very bottom of barrel as far as minimum specs go but not the issue here)

Windows 10 Pro, V. 21HI Build # 190431 1237.

Don't recall this being an issue with 2021.1, but definitely is in 2021.2 whereby when I move a clip, the video portion where I'm dragging moved up/down and don't want it to and I'm not even touching the scroll wheel. As long as I hold down the left button this occurs until I get it in place and release the button, then it locks and I can scroll as needed. Does the same for the audio too. Very annoying and is there a way to lock it so it does not do this when shifting stuff around on the timeline?

I just did a look-see and didn't see any option that I know of for this and right now, am trying to sync up my B roll to the main footage/audio and as I move it left or right, the video portion of the timeline keeps moving up/down and at times, the B roll scoots up to video 3 and it's very, very annoying.

Any suggestions?



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    Hi @littlehausbigcity , what are your system specs?


    Installed RAM?

    Operating system?


    Having this information will help us to narrow down the issue.

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    Dell Optiplex 9020, SFF, CPU is the Core i5 5470 processor,INVIDIA Geforce 610 GT w/ 1G of memory, running Windows 10 Pro with 16GB of RAM. Drivers were recently updated as Hitfilm would not even load up, and I also had to reinstall the VCRuntime140.DLL from Microsoft (actually the entire C++ Visualizations for 2015-2019 that were missing entirely, which had to be done first, then Hitfilm notified me the driver for the graphics card needed to be updated.

    Got both through Nvidia and Microsoft directly.

    This has been the same in 2021.1 as well as 2021.2 and is only an issue when dragging effects (such as a wipe or a dissolve or any color grading, the video portion of the timeline does not stay at one place and keeps rolling up and down. Audio stays stationary.