Support Posting Requirements (Read Before Posting)

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When seeking support for any issue, it is mandatory you provide the following information:

  • CPU
  • GPU(s)
  • Operating System and version
  • HitFilm version
  • Total RAM
  • Model name (if prebuilt or a laptop - Dell, Alienware, HP, etc)
  • Any relevant steps or events that led to the issue

If your issue involves anything graphical, you must also:

  • Confirm drivers are up to date (see here for help)
  • Provide screenshots, recordings or videos to demonstrate the issue.

If your issue involves footage or assets, please also provide the following information on any footage - you can get a full breakdown using MediaInfo:

  • Origin (screen recording, downloaded, etc)
  • Frame rate mode (constant or variable, retrieved from MediaInfo)
  • Frame rate and dimensions
  • Codec (h264, h265, etc)

Please provide as much helpful information in a neat orderly manner, as this will help support and users from understanding your issue and will more likely result in a helpful solution.

If you would like to contact our dedicated support team directly, you can do so by going to

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