2021.2 Editing Performance Deterioration

Avestron Posts: 25 Just Starting Out*

Ever since I installed 2021.2, the simple action of using the slice tool is taking 5 seconds to process. Moving clips around is causing lags of 10+ seconds. Considering that I relatively heavily edit clips, this is easily going to cost me upwards of an hour per upload.

Is 2021.3 slated to fix this, is such coming soon and if not then can one go back to a more efficient version?

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  • TheBenNorris
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    @Avestron could you please provide us with your system specs and let us know if your drivers are fully up to date?

    You're able to download old versions of the product if you go to fxhome.com/product/hitfilm-express/updates

  • Avestron
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    @TheBenNorris Certainly, although they are mostly unchanged from those of last year. ^_~ Drivers should be up to date for as far as I can see.

    I am aware that the base machine is 9 years old - but something about the latest version is making very basic operations consume a lot more resources than normal, resulting in around 5-10 seconds of lag per such operation whereas I did not recall noticing any stall or lag prior to the update (and if there was then it was in the order of 1-2 seconds).

    It may be that a new way of HFE's processing of such operations is resulting in greater overheads, in which case it would be great to be able to mess around in options to mitigate such overheads.

  • Avestron
    Avestron Posts: 25 Just Starting Out*

    @TheBenNorris Heck yes!

    The difference is as night and day. No delay whatsoever. ^_^

    Thank you for guiding me to resolving the matter for my machine.

  • fxhomer12422
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    @TheBenNorris Hi, I am also having trouble with performance issues using HFE - free version. I updated to 2021.1 this morning and haven't been able to edit videos confidently.

  • janemagnet
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    I'd been having this problem since updating to the new version. Tried everything mentioned here, but nothing would work. Eventually went into the options, under Proxies & Pre-Renders and unchecked the "Use the integrated Intel GPU, if available" box and it's running as smooth as butter again now. Hope that helps someone else.

    VALDINEIAPARECIDO Posts: 7 Just Starting Out*

    All changes have not taken effect. These basic functions delay any basic service. Before, I had updated the entire system because I even thought it might be a problem on my machine.

  • benedict_roffmarsh
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    After changing the Intel Cache and any poxy Proxy Settings. Along with a total system restart, things have gone back to fine.