I am very sorry to ask this. But can someone PLEASE render 1 frame of this?

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Hey you guys, I know ive been of for awhile so you havent been getting my constant fire of questions.  Unfortunately I kinda turned to other things when I gave up on support ever fixing the fact that they dont truely support this computer like they say.   Anyway I had this project I had to work on for a friend and basically I am using hitfilm as a photo editor.  Could someone please render it for me and upload the specific frame?

The file to download is: 2.2mb

And I am looking for the highest quality of the frame at 5:20 (and if your able to any additional frame where the randomness looks cool) on the composite shot called "FINALGRADE".  Although it will tell you assets are missing all you need (1 picture) is in the zipped folder.   You can probably use the "export frame" button by the quality settings.

You can find the .zip 


And it should look something like 



Thankyou a bunch!


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    CalebK your comps dimensions are huge 4000x3000, So the full export have a (5 to 6 GB) it take 35 min to render but I didn't want it to take to much space on my box account so I selcted a random seconds (1,10,20) with a total 108 frame you can choose from.

    Here is the link:

    P.S. If you've a good internet connection I could put them all in one zip file, let me know.


  • CalebK
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    Hey thank you all! I'm so glad I get to see the fruits of my labour. :)

    Thankyou both for putting in the time.

    Also I realize things like this take of space, in about 10 minutes I will be done will all downloads so feel free to free up that space if you desire.

    Thanks again!