Hitfilm Pro 2021.2 Stalls

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I updated to 2021.2 this morning per the usual instructions.

Started the app and brought up a project I've been working on.

Was a bit laggy but nothing terrible.

I floated the 2 preview windows and the effects window so I could move those onto my other 2 side monitors.

After a bit I decided to save off the project (updating it to the 2021.2 version unfortunately) and restart my computer in hopes the lag would go away with a reboot.

When I tried to open my project the app stalls and stops responding.

Tried opening other projects I had with the same result. App stalls.

Uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still stalls.

I have updated my NVIDIA drivers to the most current drivers for my Geforce RTX 2070 card.

Also I noticed I never saw anything asking me about proxie settings when I first opened the app. I never manually did anything with proxie settings the first time the app ran.

I have Windows 10 and 32 GB RAM.

Never ran into issues like this before. What might I be over looking?


  • Alk3mist
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    I am having this same problem smh. Something told me to wait until there is more feedback on the new update. It's ALWAYS something whenever there's a Hitfilm update.

  • ScottReid
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    Ok I managed to track down what APPEARS to be the issue.

    It seems to have something to do with putting floating panels on separate screens.

    I went into my computer Display options and manually disconnected the side monitors to force the floating panels to appear on my main monitor when I loaded Hitfilm back up.

    Once I did that I was able to open Hitfilm and load in my project without any issues.

    This is still a problem for me as I really want those floating panels on separate screens.

    Any suggestions on how to do this without causing Hitfilm to stall when I load or create a new project?

  • Avestron
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    I have also noticed significant slow-downs since updating also (not just loading projects but also general editing, cutting, moving, etc. - and I do not have any secondary monitors.
  • JagMods
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    Lag - me too; but I think you all are being really nice about it. Initially the lag was minor but as the day and evening progressed the lags became longer. As much as 5 minutes LONG! I'm working on a 45min video and some of the composites are over 10 minutes long with around 110 layers; and really big media clips. I'm running

    hardware is HP Z2 CAD workstation

    Windows 10 Pro Nvidia RTX 2080 i7 8750 6 core processor 1.5 TB SSD drives 16g Ram.

    I did the usual uninstall reinstall for the update. I've been working in the software for over 28hrs and I've rebooted my machine on average every 1hr & 45 min; after a excessively long HT hang - Like make an espresso, go out for a smoke, come back and still hung. Wash my cup, come back and it's ready to freeze at the next keyframe.

    One thing I did also notice is that media transitions (thingy's) like scale, position, audio, rotation - these thingies would randomly disappear from the list. When I'd see this I'd reboot; then the items were back on the list.

    My machine hangs for a minimum of 20 seconds when working with a large composite or the editor timeline and especially if I'm monkeying around with keyframes> If I do anything in HT when it freezes - even a mouse click HT is poof gone! not even the option to send a diag file to FXHome.

    I did a firmware & HP driver updates that I'd been putting off, (this machine is a HP Z2 workstation); went out to nvidia pulled down their latest driver. Disabled anti-virus software which did make an improvement the lag wasn't as severe on smaller media files and composites under 2min long.

    I turned off the Intel GPU setting in HT. My intel GPU has been disabled in device manager. I've found Intel & Nvidia GPU don't play well together. this was another improvement - but only on small media files and composites.

    This is a video for my YouTube channel Jag Mods - it's car stuff - no fancy light sabor fights or planets blowing up going on here. The composites are mainly used to match video to the audio voice over & other layer specific color grading and audio tuning. I find this is easier than working in the editor timeline.

    Side note- One thing worth noting is SSD's (not NVMe SSD's) which I thought may be a contributing factor; have routines internally that are the garbage collection routines. Meaning these routines seek out fragmented memory locations inside the SSD and shuffle stuff around to make contiguous free blocks (space). Some SSD's can get overwhelmed with a bunch of write and delete operations leaving the SSD highly fragmented. The Usual sign of this is the spinning blue circle when Windows is at an idle or a bit of lag. The resolution to this is to boot the computer into a pre-OS state and let it sit for 10 or 20 minutes to let the little garbage collectors do their stuff. I did this last night; and it didn't help. Hmmm...

    I'd go back to the previous release, but I've got months in this project and the project file was "converted", whatever that means, and I'm not willing to take the chance of corrupting my project file to find out.

    I've got a support ticket open on this. If I get an answer I will share it.



  • Mirl
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    The lag is almost unworkable at this point. The text tool is the worst offender.

  • benedict_roffmarsh
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    I have the same. I am doing paid client work and it is rapidly becoming unworkable.

    Text is laggy and simple adjusting start points for film clips in the main editor is causing loooooong timeouts or even leave-the-building, lost-work crashes.

    Win 10 (auto updated), NVIDIA 2070 Super with new "Studio" drivers about a week ago.

    This happened before with HitFilm so hopefully, they get it sorted real soon.


  • benedict_roffmarsh
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    After changing the Intel Cache and any poxy Proxy Settings. Along with a total system restart, things have gone back to fine.


  • village285
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    Yeah, legit every time I open a project or start a new one, the app freezes if I try to play any scene on the timeline smh. Never had this happen before.

  • Stargazer54
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    @village285 Please list your system specs per the posting requirements here:

    Also, instead of tagging on a previous post, it would be best to start a new one explaining your issue, listing specs, etc.

  • drmattthomas
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    Same here. It's been lagging badly. Text and Ripple delete gap are my biggest offenders. The videos I'm working with aren't even all that complicated, but it regularly freezes, goes slightly zoomed in, then does the thing.

    My specs:

    • CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H @ 2.60 GHz
    • GPU(s): Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
    • Operating System and version: Windows 10.0.19042
    • Total RAM: 16G
    • Model name (if prebuilt or a laptop - Dell, Alienware, HP, etc): Lenovo Legion

    For now, I'm going to downgrade. At least until a future update that seems to address the issue.

  • Stargazer54
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    @drmattthomas Please put in a support ticket with FXHome support. They need information on these fringe cases to run this to ground.

    Also, make sure your GPU drivers are updated (from NVidia, not Microsoft updates - which can actually downgrade drivers).

  • Silver_Dragon6
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    I have this same issue, and I have a support ticket in. :(

  • drmattthomas
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    Any updates on this issue? I'm wondering whether it's safe to upgrade to the latest version?

  • littlehausbigcity
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    @drmattthomas, Never mind. After I'd uploaded the request to send in your specs request I saw where that was already a request from stargazer54, per your specs.