How do I remove fans, cars, and wind from my recorded audio?

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hi guys, I wanted to remove or reduce as much as possible the unwanted noise of the video, like the fan sound, wind sound, out door car moving sound etc. I just bought add ons audio kits, but I found out there don't have what I want. Please let me know the correct step, thanks a lot!


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    Removing isolated sounds from a full track is nearly impossible and well beyond the scope of Hitfilm's audio editing tools.

    Let's put it this way - big budget TV shows and films don't try to remove that type of unwanted noise from production audio, they rebuild the entire audio track from scratch using pre-recorded sound effects, set recorded "room tone," and re-recording the actors in a studio.

    The toolset one would use to attempt to remove isolated sounds from existing audio is "spectral audio." There is a spectral module for the free program Audacity. Otherwise, SpectraLayers is the leading spectral audio editor.

    Spectral audio editing is a specialized discipline and you'll be better off asking questions on an Audacity or SpectraLayers forum. If anyone here is skilled in spectral editing I'd be surprised.

    I haven't worked with a spectral editor in a decade, and I was trying to do the sort of edits you describe. It was just easier to rebuild the audio from scratch.

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    Also, remember this, garbage in, garbage out, to reduce this to some extent, best to choose your microphones carefully. Avoid any generic mics on many consumer cameras, or the media mod mic(s) on any GoPro (Heros 8-10) as they WILL pick up, loudly, the crows, the traffic etc, rather than your voice, this is especially true of the Media Mod for the 9 and 10 as there is no microphone facing the back like on the Hero 8 media mod and this becomes a problem when the camera is facing away from you.

    It's also exacerbated by the fact that many consumer cameras use AGC so any loud noise gets tamped down, so does your voice. This happened to me the other day, but it was a quickie shot of the brilliant sunrise that I wanted to share on YT and as you may well know, they tend to come and go in a flash, so didn't take the time to grab and assemble the wireless microphone on top of adding the memory card and battery, put the media mod on etc on my GoPro to get the magenta sunrise while it was still there so went with the built in shotgun on the media mod and my voice became reduced every time a crow cawed or traffic went by.

    Same location with a wireless lav, not nearly as bad and my voice was not over taken by ambient noises around me.

    This won't eliminate completely the extraneous noises, but will reduce their presence a great deal.

    Hope this helps