Speculating about Hitfilm 4 Ultra Pro

With the upcoming release of Hitfilm 3 Pro we have to stay true internet message board forums and start speculating on the next incarnation of Hitfilm, Hitfilm 4 Ultra Pro.

I heard the preconcieved alpha always for voice command intergration and it can literally take the features of any other software on your computer and integrate it into Hitfilm through a new FXhome plugin called Skynet. 


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    Hitfilm 4 will be positronic--Asimovian, not Data from TNG. 

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    ... and $100 cheaper !

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    I dunno. When Sony took over Vegas it really was the best NLE out there, and they mismanaged it terribly. Vegas Pro used to be considered a strong professional editor, now the industry considers it a consumer product ranked under Pinnacle. Where's the damn MAC version? A Mac Vegas developed along Mac Sound Forge would have put Sony in a position to gain market share when the bad joke of crippled FCP X came out.  Only new features in the new versions are an iPod app, some FxHome plug-ins, and some interface tweaks for the worse. Oh, and that stupid A/B edit mode. 

    Sony bought NewBlu, and you know what? NewBlue FX became buggy--almost every Vegas crash I had from v10-13 was caused by a NewBlue plug-in. With 13, I uninstalled all NewBlue except Titler Pro...

    Vegas is my favorite NLE to work in, but it's stagnant. I don't want to see Sony buy out FxHome...  

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    Sure there is. Joshua Davies could say no. ;-)  

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    You guys are getting a little too serious.

    Plus I'd rather FXhome get sucked into Bmd.

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    @Tooshka Actually I might turn 'em down. I could already make a lot more money than I do, but walked away from union work. I would rather make half the pay to work with a dedicated crew than a bunch of union pukes who deliberately work slowly to try to get to overtime pay. No joke, man, I've been chewed out on union gigs for working too hard and too fast. I quote: "Mike, man, why you working so fast? We're getting $55 an hour here--slow down! We can chill out and stretch this job to 5pm if you don't finish everything by 2!" Plus I have little patience for union compartmentalization. I would rather work a show when crew is allowed to help each other work quickly, and collaboratively and efficiently rather than watch an entire crew grind to a halt because the only person allowed to push that button is off doing cocaine with the truck drivers who are going to sit around all day hitting double-overtime to drive (literally) one block. 

    In short, my principles are more important to me than my pay. :-)  

    Anyway, back on topic: Hitfilm Ultra Pro 4 will be cool, but Mega Hitfilm Ultra Pro 5 is gonna add a direct neural interface where you only visualize in your mind a look and MHFUP5 will intelligently figure out the filters and settings needed. Then FxHome will be sued by Apple for violating a Samsung patent, and FxHome will be absorbed, paving the way for " iFinal iHitfilm iX," which Tubetape.net will sell under the misnomer of "iFinal iHitfilm 9."

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    Lol that is good 

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    @Tooshka, I also happen to be in the Los Angeles area, which does make it a bit easier as a video freelancer to find work. After all, the low-budget/indy people trying to go "big time" need a crew. Except there's a lot of others going after those jobs, especially since so much production is going out of Cali.  

    That said, in terms of earned income, I am CT   below the median for the US. I have recurring jobs that pay a fantastic hourly, but I only get 20-30 days a year of the "big-money" gigs. Unfortunately the prevalence of cheap cameras is killing the wedding market. I can't compete with some idiot with a couple of cheap cameras who will shoot and edit a three-camera wedding for $300... Since (assuming a total 10-hour call for setup, bride/groom prep, ceremony through reception) the shoot day alone should be at least $20/hour per cam op, plus surcharges for equipment rental, gas etc. Seriously, how can these guys make money shooting and editing for $300? That's well under minimum wage!  Problem being, weddings out here have become super-cheap, or the super-expensie "bring a jib and a switcher, because we're showing the multicam ceremony edit during the reception" jobs. 

    Which is why  I do karaoke crap two nights a week.  

    Still better than working union, for me. The worst crews I was ever on were union. I have seen Union camera ops at events set a camera on a tripod, point it somewhere and not touch it again. His job is to generate an hour of footage, and who cares if 58 minutes is a wall... I mean, it was motorcycle  dirt racing! How can you have so little regard for your work that you don't FOLLOW THE ACTION? 

    @MichaelJames sorry, man, I keep getting all serious in your humor thread. 

    After iFinal iHitfilm iX is release, Simon Jones will be replaced by an AI that only says, "Hmmmm, a lot of interesting ONE THOUSAND speculation on here."  

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    @Triem23 - We are working on a fully functional, worldly-wise, spaceship-loving Simon AI for HitFilm27Fandabbydozy version. We'll let you know when we have more info on that ;)

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    @KirstieT- LOL! Can't wait for that version. Hope it has voice command capability and a holodeck that replaces the current UI and places the user right inside the unified 3D environment! Just grab the effect, model or light/camera by hand and place it where you need it!

    @Tooshka- How can you say you don't have talent?

    @Triem23- Never met a union I liked.........auto, teachers or Soviet.

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    Hey my job affords me time to relax.

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    One of the features we are working on for HitFilm 4 MegaPro Ultra Elite is a content-aware Bayinator.  You edit your film together, and then appy the Bayinator, and it analyzes the film for any areas where nothing particularly exciting is happening, and auto-fills those areas with explosions. The size or amount of explosion will vary based on just how dull the current frames are.

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    Here's your new spokeswoman, Axel...


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    Bayinator!  Awesome!  Many bucks this will bring you from Hollyweird.


  • sohaieb
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    Hello ,

    Please can someone gives as when the upcoming version will be released ? and what's the new features ? 

    thank you.

  • Andy001z
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    @sohaieb Hi, not staff but is your question a concern about investing now and then not getting the new version when it comes out (when ever that is?). Hitfilm seem pretty good at allowing exsiting customers an upgrade path (free I believe, subject to Express or Pro licence held).

    Hope that helps.

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    @sohaieb don't worry... you will upgrade... resistance if futile. We are The Hitfilm, you will join the collective.

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    Ahh people - please - not with the speculation for the new features - my wish would be be able to use > 20% of HFs current features....

    My head wants to explode...

    @Axel - how is beta for the 'content-aware Bayinator' looking?- I have some suggestions...