Weird Issue with new release Hitfilm 2021.2 (17)

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    Weirdly specific issue popped up with the latest release. I have a short mp4 file from my Pixel 5 phone, coming from night photography mode where phone stacks exposures for 4 minutes to get a single JPG and also outputs 10 frame video with the multiple photos it took.

    This video does not export with 16bit float setting on. I can see it in trimmer, but when dropped to timeline or exported there is just black output. I guess I just need to transcode it to something else, but there was no warning about failed decoding, just black frames in the middle of the export.

    I tried turning all HW-assisted decoding boxes off to force full SW processing, but it still does not work with 16b float mode.

    Also, HF really likes to take long naps with UI frozen. I'm not sure what it's doing in the background, but UI keeps going unresponsive for tens of seconds frequently, with the Windows prompt asking whether to shut down the application. I have a fairly powerful laptop but nothing geared for video work (Lenovo Carbon X1 Extreme gen2).

    ninja edit: but the new proxy and cache mechanisms are just plain awesome for non-highend systems. With the timeline cache there's no longer need to do test exports, cached timeline plays back smoothly enough to double check that transitions and cuts are ok. Previously I needed to export them just to make sure that there are no hiccups or stutters from missing frames.

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    @exposedpaths Found your comment in the New release comment had been moved in the Spam queue by yourself. I assumed this was an accident when you did an Edit and restored it. I also split it off into its own topic in the Community thread cause it's more likely to be seen as a question here. Just a heads up so you know why and where it went.

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    Thanks, was a pure accident. And yes it's better as a separate topic.

    Also, I'm still struggling with UI unresponsiveness. Any changes to timeline or effect controls seem to randomly trigger a seconds-long stall.

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    @exposedpaths could you please ensure your drivers are up to date, and if you continue to have problems please contact our support team with a full list of specs (laptop model is not enough unfortunately).

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    @TheBenNorris I just updated to latest nvidia "stable" (=non-gaming early release) GPU drivers. Thanks, I'll send more complete specs if I cannot figure out what's the issue.