Exporting video with transparent background Hitfilm express

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i am making animated overlays with HF but I can not figure out how to export it with no black background. I have used both uncompressed AVI with alpha and GoPro cinaform rgb 12-bit with alpha (mov) no luck the black background is there when I import the video to my OBS. I've tried putting a plane behind the image and keying out the color, I have the checkerboard enable, the base .png image I'm using before effects is transparent and works fine in the obs. The background seems to happen when I make the a composite shot to add effects. Anyone that can help?


  • tddavis
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    @wreckittrev Do you see the checkerboard in the viewer when starting a project or a bkack screen then too? If so, you probably have had transparency and the viewer background is set to black instead of alpha. At the bottom right of the viewer click the Options button fourth down click Checkerboard option and see if you really have an alpha. Hope this helps. I might have video on these settings. I'll check and link it in, if I do.