Is there a way to blur layers below?

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I have a video where it already has a bunch of cuts.

All I want to do is blur a part of the screen. Blur all the layers below.

Is there a way to do this?


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    I'm on the main timeline. There is no way to put it in a composite shot.

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    EDIT:Ignore this i thought your question was similar to mine

  • tddavis
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    @FrostDrive It can work on the Editor timeline much the same as in a composite shot. Duplicate the clip (or if only one small part needs the blur, slice that section to isolate it and dupe that) and place it on a video track (Video 2) above it. Here's the tedious rub part, you will have to manually mask around whatever you want to stay in focus on video 2 then apply a blur to the track on video 1 below it. If the object is moving then you will have to tweak the points of the mask with key 'path' enabled and bump it every few frames and move again. The dreaded rotoscoping! On reflection, I may be confusing which layer renders first 1 or 2 you might have swap my instructions there. Hope this helps a little.