Need some colors? Check this out!

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As filmmakers and creatives, color is extremely important for making things look good. One of the struggles I've always had was coming up with colors to use for logos, titles, text, and graphics. Most of the time, I just settled for White on a Black background. This looks nice and certainly has its uses, but it can get boring after a while and doesn't work for everything.

For my latest project, I needed something that was colorful but still looked amazing. I tried playing around with various colors, but I could never get any results that looked good. Then I remembered something: when painting a home or building, people get ideas from color palettes- groups of colors that go together and compliment each other. Maybe I could generate a color palette to use for this new project. After a quick search, I found a website that made the process insanely simple. is a site dedicated to color palettes. It's super easy to use too. I knew I wanted a red and a white, so I found a red that looked good to me. I added it, then it stated recommending other colors. I added a nice off-white, then I added 3 other colors to the mix based on the app's recommendations. After only a few minutes, I came up with this great-looking palette:

Eager to try my new colors, I spent a few minutes in HitFilm to build a new logo. It was super easy to use HitFilm's color picker to grab the colors from the website. I literally spent more time picking out fonts than finding colors. For me, getting colors has never been so easy, and I was very pleased with the results:

If you're anything like me and struggle with picking out color schemes, give this app a try! I'm not sponsored or anything, I'm just excited I found this new tool for my kit and wanted to share it with all of you!

Happy creating!