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Open FX
I have heard of Open FX before, and while I am genuinely excited to hear it is in Hitfilm 3, I am not familiar with the full potential of Open FX. If someone can answer these I would be grateful.
1.    Can anyone work with Open FX? Meaning you just need to know coding?
2.    What are the limitations of Open FX? Is this for creating 2d FX or can I actually add new major functionality to Hitfilm. In other words, how big is this archway of add-ons that Hitfilm has added? 
3.    Is there special coding that needs to happen in order to make Open FX work specifically with Hitfilm?


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    I am not a coder, so I can't answer all your questions. In brief, Open FX is a series of open-source program libraries for visual effects. Many makers of plug-ins use Open FX coding, as software like After Effects and Vegas can read Open Fx. As an example, the time-shift plug-in "Twixtor" is Open Fx, therefore the makers of Twixtor can now port to Hitfilm. It's the Open Fx architecture that allows the Hitfilm plug-ins to function in AE, Premiere, Vegas, FCP, etc. 

    Open Fx is free, and more information can be found here.

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    Thanks for the description guys. To TooshkaWinConway: are you saying scripting can add that kind of major functionality to a program?