How can I increase the size of my project afterwards?

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Hi team,

super cool community here - But I couldnt find any answer. Please see my screenshot attached. How can I adjust the size of my video?

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  • tddavis
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    It's cut off in your photo above, but clicking on the gear icon highlighted in red will bring up the project setting box and let you change the project size, and should open up the viewer window to show the entire image. Hope that helps you out.


  • Triem23
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    Are you trying to adjust your Project/Timeline size (like your headline) or size of Media on the Timeline (your first comment)? These are two totally different things.

    First, go up to the File Menu, top left of the interface, open this, then select "Options." In Options look for the "Prompts and Warnings" tab. Here, look for Prompt me when the media doesn’t match editor timeline and check this box.

    Now, when you create a Project, if the first Media Clip you add to the Timeline doesn't match the Project Resolution you will be asked if you want to resize the Project to match the Media clip. If you answer "Yes," then the Project will change size (this is what's happened to you), where answering "No" leaves the Timeline alone. I suggest you NEVER check the "Do Not Show Again" box. Clicking Do Not Show Again sets a default behavior and the only way to change it is to go back into the Options Menu again and re-enable the Prompt. Deal with the pop-up each time. Better in the long run.

    Now, your current issue is your Project got set to 1080x1080 when you added that first Media clip to the Timeline. You probably want 1920x1080? Great, go back to the File Menu and select Project Settings. Boom.

    Changing the size of a Media Clip once it's on the Timeline? Select the clip on the Timeline and a box will appear around it in the Viewer. You can resize the clip by click+dragging. Or, once the clip is selected, you can resize it by going to the "Controls" panel and adjusting the "Scale" parameters under the "Transform" group.

  • cryptochris
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    Thanks @tddavis - that was exactly what I was searching for.

    Also thanks @Triem23 - but i think its fine.

    I have the last question - as my screen size simply is 1080x1080 (a square) is it possible to export it in .mp4 in highest quality aswell? I can only see youtube frame and the only possible way is .avi