Hit Film Keeps Crashing

fxhomer298106 Website User Posts: 17 Just Starting Out*
I have been using hit film for about a year now and for the past week it keeps locking up and crashing during exports. some of the videos are only a few minutes long. I watch my resource and when i go to export hitfilm spikes my system now. I have reinstalled HF . Shut down other aps. The weird thing is I can do that exact same video over again with he same set up and it works. I have to piece together the video and save and export it piece by piece to see if it works. I was getting sick of getting to the end and see it crash.

during export get the error GL_ out of memory there is not enough memory to execute the command the state of the gl is undefined except for the state of the error flags after this error is recorded. I just did a bunch of work 2 weeks ago that was much larger and had no issue . any thoughts?