Hitfilm, Boris OFX, Mocha Pro, Vegas Pro 19 won't play so thinking of buying Hitfilm Pro

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Hi, I have Vegas Pro 19, Mocha Pro & Continuum OFX,

Vegas won't play a track i made to create like a swipe effect on a ply board, I did the tracking in Mocha Pro no prob there, but when i go back to Vegas i can't get it to play without stuttering so i can get the inserts & swipe transitions in the right place, I created a screen capture of what i'm trying to do & put it on Youtube,

Youtube screen capture video - https://youtu.be/xM_4qyi2LD0

I can't really afford to go to Adobe as i have to rebuy the host so am considering buying Hitfilm Pro,

I occasionally work with CAD OBJ files which the Hitfilm trial i downloaded worked well so am considering buying it just for that but will my Boris OFX plugins work ok in Hitfilm Pro, & do you think what i'm trying in the YT video i made play ok in Hitfilm for me to edit without stuttering?

Thanks Gid 👍

I've used Magix Edit Pro Plus since 2004, I upgraded to Vegas Pro 18 & just recently to 19, but i'm a bit disappointed with Vegas performance esp with the preview of effects & plugins like Mocha,

My PC Specs -

Vegas Pro 19, Boris Continuum, Mocha Pro 2021,

Desktop PC Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 64-Bit


AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 3.5GHz 32 Core

Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT 360mm All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler

RAM 256GB ( 8x Micron 32GB (1x 32GB) 2666MHz DDR4 RAM )

2x Western Digital Black SN850 2TB M.2-2280 SSD, 7000MB/s Read, 5100MB/s Write

Graphics MSI GeForce RTX 3090 SUPRIM X 24GB OC GPU


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    Boris does not list Hitfilm as a compatible host, and the Hitfilm Pro trial disables support for third party plug-ins, so you'll have to buy and test.

    I remember another user said they used Boris Continuum in Hitfilm (I don't remember wjo, or I'd tag them), but, since Pro comes with the BCC 3D Objects unit, I think you'll be fine. Otherwises, you have 14 days after purchase to ask for a full refund, so give it a go!

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    @Triem23 Thanks, yep in the trial it doesn't show the Boris OFX plugins i have,

    I'm a joiner & I use TurboCad Platinum for my work drawings, I upload videos to YT of my work & I like to keep those very basic, no fancy effects as they are more for education than entertainment but I thought it would be good if i could inc 3D drawings in those vids, I had a play with the OBJ files in Hitfilm Pro trial & was very happy with those, 👍

    There are only 6 vids listed in the Boris videos section with very little info in them, they seem to concentrate on Adobe, so thought it best to ask here.

    Thanks again, like i say i might just buy Hitfilm for the CAD stuff & like you say i'll give it a go, hopefully i'll be pleasantly surprised, like i was with the CAD files 👍👍

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    @Triem23 I bought Hitfilm Pro, £308 gone from my account 🤦‍♂️🤣

    It looks like all my Plugins are there, inc Mocha Pro,

    I loaded the 3840x2160 clip & applied Mocha, I'd saved the tracking from when doing it in Vegas,

    that tracking data loaded no problem when i did Merge Project within Mocha, it all looks like it works fine,

    but unfortunately the playback in Hitfilm is similar to Vegas, a bit slow n jumpy,

    I tried Pre-render, that was quite poor, still very stuttery ,😒🤷‍♂️ Vegas's Pre-render makes it run very smoothly but as soon as you adjust anything it makes the Pre-render file obsolete,

    I put a 6min clip of Hitfilm with Mocha on YT like i did with the Vegas one

    I made a short 1920x1080 FHD clip & have just tried that in Vegas (because i know what i'm doing in that ) , it worked fairly well so i think i will have to use that format in future if i want to do this sort of thing, I'll try it in Hitfilm when i know a bit more about how to use it, 👍👍