Camtrack bug since I update

thityder Posts: 2 Just Starting Out


I've bought Camtrack last year but now that I've update it, the camera always stays at the same place in Blender.

Is it the same for you ?


  • thityder
    thityder Posts: 2 Just Starting Out

    For information I use blender 2.93

  • NickDevTeam
    NickDevTeam Staff Posts: 54 Staff

    Hi @thityder ,

    Sorry to hear you've had issues importing in Blender.

    1. Can you go into Blender Preferences -> Add Ons -> Search "HitFilm" to find the HitFilm Importer add-on.
    2. What is the version number you're seeing for the Importer in there? It should be 1.2.2.

    I've checked again with 2.93 this morning and the camera seems to be moving correctly. If you find that you're on 1.2.2 of the importer, could you please log a technical support ticket at:

    That way you can give us a zip of the output folder and we can take a look in more detail.