No-talk cinematic hike video montage (11 min)

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Hi, I do shortish cinematic montages of my hikes in Scandinavia. This is my latest:

Any feedback is welcome!

There's no fancy VFX. I used quite basic edits / color correction for three sources of footage and some audio cleanup.

My number 1 wish for HF Express would be stabilization plugin, it's really numbing work to set tracking points manually.


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    @exposedpaths Nice shots and nice edit!

    As to stabilization that will probably always be a Pro option. But you can purchase Mocha HitFilm (that does camera tracking) as an add on to Express. Mocha has a bit of a learning curve but should work as a stabilizer. You might look up some tutorials on Mocha online and see if it will do what you need before forking over the cash.

    There are also other 3rd party tools that show up in a Google search that will stabilize video. So that might be an option, as well.

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    @Stargazer54 Thanks for kind words! I took the pacing down a bit from my previous vids, I think it worked ok.

    AS for the stabilization, my needs are quite simple so Mocha might be an overkill. I would just like to click on two anchor track points and have HF track the motion (with whatever track settings are active currently), apply stabilize for X/Y/rotation, center the footage in viewport and then scale just enough to keep viewport filled. No dewarping or perspective corrections or automatic selection of track anchor points...but just removing mindless work of applying the track results and adjusting scaling after tracking is done.

    It's not very complex operation, but when you do this manually for tens of handheld clips, it is bit tiring. Perhaps I should just run stabilization as preprocess operation before HF, but it's an additional operation with potential quality degradation.

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    First, thank you for the trip, a nice 11 minutes at the right time of the evening :)

    So there's talk about stabilization and I remembered you can do it in Hitfilm both express and pro with tracking (not manually... mostly) so.... I hope this might help you:

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    @RikVargard Good call! I had completely forgotten about the built in tracker in a comp shot.

    @exposedpaths Those tutorials should help you get what you need.

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    @RikVargard Thanks for the link! That's how I have been doing stabilisation (in composite shot). The videos did have some handy tips and shortcuts that I was not aware of, though!

    I might have been unclear with word "manual". The manual part are the steps after HF point tracker has finished and camera shake has been removed: recentering the footage and scaling it to remove black areas. It's not complex, but it's just a fair amount of mouse clicks and checking the viewport edges.

    It would be (code-wise) quite easy to find a position and scale that keeps the footage filling the viewport during the entire comp shot, I think. Not a major thing to do it by hand, but more like a minor niggle. (I shoot a lot of handheld when hiking.)

    Thank you both for your help!