Cubes sploding everywhere

More like rekt-angles amirite? How's my favorite dead message board doing? Since you aren't exactly burning up bandwidth with activity here is another particle system I made. Incorporated many techniques I've had before, the main differences here are for one it looks super janky for a few reasons the particle doesn't seem to die the moment it hits the deflector, it hits it, bounces up a little and then dies. This may be able to be fixed by reducing bounce to zero. My speed/FPS/time on screen, doesn't work well. The goal was to make cube appear to explode into 4 smaller cubes as well as having those debris tumble around a bit before stopping. But the way hitfilm works I don't think I can have 3d model particles stop rotating at some point either they have to not rotate or not stop (I think) so I had they tumbles off screen. Ultimately I was just trying to test using geometric shapes to improve something like an explosion effect. The one I used is literally the default cube from blender. The sound FX didn't match up well and I didn't wanna put anymore work into trying to make to do so. I did create two renders, one with a static camera and one with a more dynamic camera and spliced the two together. Imagine if you could adjust the scale random but instead of the way it is now you do x y z scale random individually, that would be huge for making something like this more realistic as debris.