Bug when using default project template vs selecting the template manually?

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Hi folks,

I make a lot of videos the same way and have a custom template to help with that, in the past I would select my custom template manually when creating a new project, but recently I found out that I could set it as the default.

The template is essentially a vertical video 1080 wide, 1920 tall, 60fps. However the footage I record is horizontal, 1920 wide, 1080 tall. In the past when I selected the template manually, when I dragged in the footage from the Media Pane to the Editor pane, the Canvas in the Viewer pane (as well as the project settings) would remain vertical, as intended, I believe. Now though, when I'm using this template as my default Project Settings, the Canvas in the Viewer gets automatically resized to the size of the footage I'm dragging in, and so I have to then go into the project settings to set it back to what it was. Is there another setting I'm missing that prevents the auto-resize or is it a bug?


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    Did you check the box that says "Remember my choice . . ."? This only appears once when you drag footage to the timeline for the first time in a clean project and will not appear at all if the box is checked.

    You can reset that by going to File, Options, Prompts and Warnings.