How do I fix this exporting artifact?

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For some reason, my character seems to be a bit transparent at times, and you can see the background inside it for some frames (this transparency thing flickers), and this looks quite unprofessional if you ask me (I export at 4k and highest possible bitrate in hitfilm). I've tried exporting at 1080p, setting hitfilm's priority to real time in windows's taskbar, and checked if my character images were actually low opacity (they were not), and none of those things fixed the issue.

this is how it looks like (look inside the character's clothes):

and this is how it's supposed to look like, from a frame where the bug didn't happen:

just checked, and all my pc's drivers are up to date btw.

System Specs:

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700

GPU: rx 550 (4 gbs vram)

RAM: 8 gb ddr4 3000 mhz (one stick)

MB: Asus B450 Gaming Br

PSU: 450w Corsair psu

Storage: 500 gb ssd + 2.36 tb spread across 3 hdds

OS: Windows 10 (latest version)

Hitfilm Version: 2021.1, or 16.1 (latest version as of me typing this out)


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    After some hours of tinkering and troubleshooting, I solved the issue by myself (thx for nothing forums lel). The bug was being caused by hitfilm's motion blur being on, as soon as I turned it off, the bug disappeared. The more I update hitfilm, the more buggy it gets, first one of my effect presets stopped working after a previous update, and now motion blur breaks things lol

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    Glad you figured it out, and thanks for letting us know your solution. I'll tag in a dev so that they can see it and look into the bug.


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    klauxgmd Website User Posts: 13 Just Starting Out*