[ENHANCEMENT] Allow Rename of Puppet Tool Control Points / Parent Points to each other

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  • Allow each control point to be renamed (e.g left shoulder, right ankle, etc) to whatever the user chooses. (better ease of use)
  • When selecting the point on timeline area, Highlight the corresponding point in the Viewer with a different colour (e.g blue instead of white). (better ease of use)
  • Potentially allow points to work with parenting (like the layers in composite layer already do) as a a drop down. (e.g point 1 could parent to point 2, point 2 -> point 3 and so on) This would allow better control + and add massive amount of versatility.


  • Triem23
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    Y'know, I thought there was already a request to rename Puppet Points. Nope... Musta been before last year's forum revamp.

    There's already a feature request for being able to parent Puppet control points to point layers you may wish to Vote Up.

    You seem to be suggesting here being able to parent the Puppet Points to each other? Interesting idea. You might want to append that suggestion in the thread linked above as well as here - I think more users will find that idea in a thread labeled "parenting" than this thread labeled "rename."

    And I'm voting up this one.

  • BluWolfe
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    Ah, I did search for it just to check... I've upvoted that one too. If they are simlar enough, you're welcome to merge them. Also added parenting to the title to make finding this a 'lil easier

    linking puppet point to each other -> would useful for ropes, chains and tails. (I'm sure there's probably more). I was thinking generally only within that layer, that way there's a few less layers you have to switch between.