Happy Star Trek Day! 55 years of Trek.

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On this day on September 8, 1966 the first episode of the original Star Trek series aired on NBC. Tonight on Paramount + there will be a celebration, panel discussions, previews of upcoming series, etc. -starting at 8:30 PM EDT.


More info from TechRadar https://www.techradar.com/news/star-trek-day-how-to-watch-best-panels-and-everything-we-know :

How to watch Star Trek Day

If you want to watch Star Trek Day live, it's being broadcast worldwide on StarTrek.com on this page – likely through the site's own video player. You won't be able to watch it live on YouTube, but US viewers can watch it on the Paramount Plus service live, and it'll also be broadcast on Paramount Plus's Twitch channel.

After the livestream, the panels will be available to watch individually on the Paramount Plus YouTube channel. 🖖