Why subscription model would be bad

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seen a lot of people in the forum talking about a subscription model and how great it would be and cheap (yeah not really) if we say compare it to ADOBE and in this theory Premier pro has all the after effects also so that's $20 per month lets say you work 40 years in the industry so that's 479 months X $20 that is a total of $9580 Amazing now compare that to the 40 years in the film industry for a none subscription model ah yep that's only  427.68 USD (what I paid for it no offers)

cheap very very cheap $9580 vs $427

have no idea why any film makers would choose a subscription model if there serious about getting into film

also  $427 is only about 50 hours assuming that you make $10 a hour

once you own hit film pro you own it if you are having money troubles and using a subscription model Woops! there goes your software


  • Joseven
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    Looks like they are well on the way to "hey guys its so cheap to pay monthly forever" total suicide.

  • KirstieT
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    @Daniel123 @Joseven We totally understand that subscription is not for some people, and that they don't want to use that pricing model. We also have had a lot of feedback over the last 2 years specifically about users who would like to see a subscription. So we've released what we think is most fair to everyone - a subscription model and a perpetual model for total flexibility.

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    @Daniel123 It is not quite that simple, while some people are very happy to be running Adobe CS2 for there photoshop work, most need or want the later features.

    Lets use an real world example, Car buying / leasing.


    You go to the showroom pick you shiny new car and it does all that you need, plus some bits more. Yippee. You pay a lump some and it is yours to run into the ground. But wait, two years later they release a newer model, with way better fuel efficiency. Would you expect that this update to the car, some model should be just given to you. No you would not. You would see if it benefits you and sell you car and buy the new one. Ok so you get some money back for your old car, it still works after all, but software does not work like that.


    Now what if you leased it (subscription), you pay monthly for the same car, but it might cost more over time, however that new model comes along, well that is easy, go see the leasing company and swap that sucker out (I know I know they have contract terms and periods, but in essence that is what is happening). You may pay more in the long run but you will have the benefit of having all the latest features.

    If you stick with the pay all now model, your get your software to keep, but that new feature or improved optimisation, well that means paying for another whole new licence, just like it used to be.

    Hope this helps, it most likely will not. But that is the way I see it.

  • Andersen01498
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    @KirstieT can you talk with your team and see if you can keep the current fx product that you when the subscription ends? This would be like the perpetual but you could easily discontinue the artlist features when the subscription model ends

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    How long do you think should one have paid a subscription before they could keep/become perpetual if stopping the subscription? e.g. If only one year, then you are basically asking to buy perpetual for less than the perpetual price.

  • KirstieT
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    @Andersen01498 Thanks for the feedback - I'm afraid that wouldn't be a viable option for us as a business. We felt it was super important to keep both options (subscription and perpetual) for the users rather than forcing people into a pricing model they didn't want, and so this flexible offering has been our specific focus.

    It's always good to hear what people would prefer to see though because we don't make these decisions without lots of user feedback and research.