Why subscription model would be bad

Cloud_Toast Posts: 17 Just Starting Out*

seen a lot of people in the forum talking about a subscription model and how great it would be and cheap (yeah not really) if we say compare it to ADOBE and in this theory Premier pro has all the after effects also so that's $20 per month lets say you work 40 years in the industry so that's 479 months X $20 that is a total of $9580 Amazing now compare that to the 40 years in the film industry for a none subscription model ah yep that's only  427.68 USD (what I paid for it no offers)

cheap very very cheap $9580 vs $427

have no idea why any film makers would choose a subscription model if there serious about getting into film

also  $427 is only about 50 hours assuming that you make $10 a hour

once you own hit film pro you own it if you are having money troubles and using a subscription model Woops! there goes your software