How to avoid spoilers for movies on YouTube?

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I just watched the 3rd Hunger Games movie for the first time today, and I wanted to watch some parts again and listen to the music of it, I also watched the first trailer for the fourth. But now YouTube is recommending me the ending scenes of the fourth one, and I REALLY don't want to be spoiled for this one, Thanks!


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    @georgefilmltd The only way to avoid spoilers on Youtube is not to go to Youtube. 😀 It is rife with clickbait, spoilers and complete drivel these days all in search of counts. I have no intention of every making a penny with my channel it's just an easy way to share with family and friends and am totally blown away that my subscriber count exploded after FilmSensei's livestream on tips to improve your channel. I did 2 of them and boom!

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    Interesting view on that, I do need to focus on more important things, so this will help me in more than one way, Thanks!

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    My main focus on YouTube is my subscriptions page. That’s the stuff I really want to see. If there’s something I’m trying to avoid spoilers for, I stick to my subscribed content. All my subscriptions are good about not spoiling things, or put up spoiler warnings for recently released content. If I absolutely have to, I can temporarily unsubscribe

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    I like that approach too @triforcefx