[FEATURE] adding folder option the compositing layers on the timeline (similar to Imerge)

mabdelbary Posts: 163 Enthusiast
edited September 2021 in HitFilm

When we open a folder in imerge pro, we can modify the layers within this folder without the need to create a group and open this group separately in a new window (as it opens in a separate composite shot timeline in HitFilm).

So, why not adding this feature as well for the composite shot, in other words, we have 2 options which are.

1- We have the ability to make a composite shot that combines the clips in it as the usual method (which is like group in imerge pro)

2- also, we have the folder option that groups the clips (including the composite shots/group in imerge) in the same timeline in a folder (to organize it visually. Similar to the folder concept in imerge pro).

Now when we would like to adjust the composite shot separately, we can double click on it so it opens the window of the composite shot alone, also, we have the group option to organize the clips within the same timeline.