Youtube Showing Ads on Non-Monetized Channels

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I'm a little behind the time evidential. (November , 2020 behind)

It has recently just come to my attention that ads are showing on some of my Youtube video post now. Now I know that if I use copyright use-permission content like music or videos that I don't own inside my own work that the owners of said content "do" have the right to run ads on my videos. I'm ok with that. It's theirs, they kindly let me use it , so they should be compensated if they want to be.

BUT - if none of that applies Youtube can still run ads on your videos.

This is a real bummer to me for several reason;

  • If I wanted ads in my videos I'd run them. I dont want ads. I dislike them.
  • Even if I wanted to run ads I cant. I don't have enough subscribers. So Youtube is using MY content to make more money for them. I call BS. Leave my stuff alone.
  • IMHO if you need the money that bad and resort to running ads in your videos either a) get a real just over broke gig or b)trade in crypto.
  • Did I mention I dislike ads?

And this - I dont remember re-agreeing to new Terms and Services since I joined YT ( a long time ago)

“You grant to YouTube the right to monetize your Content on the Service (and such monetization may include displaying ads on or within Content or charging users a fee for access). This Agreement does not entitle you to any payments.”

What do you all think about Youtube's practices?


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    Youtube sucks and has sucked for a long time. It is - quite literally - a criminal enterprise.

    Think I'm joking? A tenet of Western (European/US) law is the concept of "innocent until proven guilty." YouTube doesn't operate under that guideline for copyright disputes.

    I've been in a copyright dispute with them for years. Despite having the actual copyright registration paperwork YouTube insists a random Israeli user owns the music in dispute.

    YouTube has owed me my first $100 in ad revenue for so long it's now $300 in ad revenue.

    YouTube keeps copyright dinging me for things like stock music I paid for and have the license paperwork for - it's so widespread and bad that at least two of the stock sites I belong to maintain a legal team specifically to deal with YouTube's false copyright notices. At least now I can forward the YouTube notice to the stock site and they'll deal with it. Still, I uploaded a few tutorials that got dinged by a YouTube bot on upload. Oh, my material is legal and licensed, but, yeah. I've stopped re-editing tuts and just stopped posting them. I seriously don't know why the "Quantum Leap" tutorials are the only ones that haven't been dinged in a year.

    YouTube keeps copyright dinging Hit-U tutorials. Most notably "Animate EVERYTHING part 1." It's the bit that discusses "paper doll" animation, because, apparently the "educational fair use" provision of copyright doesn't apply when showing how classic animation techniques while discussing what they were, how they worked, and how the same concepts apply to digital.

    But I can download entire runs of copywritten TV shows off YouTube. Shows that have licensed home media.

    Try a YouTube search for "download Hitfilm Pro cracked," or similar. I just did. There are several videos, a couple over a year old - and these are videos I reported to Oli or Kirstie which FXhome contacted YouTube over. Yup, despite the company making the software reporting the "how to steal our software" videos to YouTube they're still up.

    YouTube does not enforce its own terms of service equally. If you make YouTube enough ad revenue, you can do anything - see the continued existence of the Logan Paul and PewDiPie accounts.

    Yes, ads are run by YouTube on my unmonetized channel.

    Greg, remember when Google's slogan was "Don't be evil?" It's not been their official slogan since 2012, but was included in employee guidelines until... 2018.

    If you drop your slogan of "don't be evil," I can only assume you're now totally fine with being evil.

    This entire post could be summed up in two words, but the first would violate the FXhome forum code of conduct, and I'd have to warn myself.

    YouTube only maintains its dominance because video files are big and expensive to host and no other company can afford to do so without charging the user for the service. Vimeo - as one example - is superior to YouTube in terms of stream quality, customer service and features (like being able to re-upload updated video without losing view history, or being able to password protect videos, which is great for creators using Patreon or other services), but has to charge creators for more than one upload a week.

    Livestreaming on YouTube almost literally kills your account. Jay or Kirstie could tell you of the damage livestreaming did to their view and subscriber counts.

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    Youtube sucks and has sucked for a long time. It is - quite literally - a criminal enterprise.

    You are absolutely right Mike. I do remember the slogan "Don't be evil". Well now it seems that "evil" is pare for the course these days. Just look at my body, my choice. - Evil is everywhere. They (society) label me a killer for not getting the vax therefore I am evil. I am not evil and I am not a killer.

    It's crazy from my perspective. The videos that YT is monetizing are less than 15 seconds long with less than 30 views!! Jeez...the ad is longer than the video. YT also sent me a threatening email about banning me for life and called me an insurrectionist a few months back. If you re-call I had a pretty cool svg Title that said "Made in America" with a bit of skull in the middle. You can see the image of that logo on my channel header. I evidentially used the same music that QAnon used in some of their videos. Immediately I was labeled. For the record.... I am not an insurrectionist...I'm a human being. Oh, I've had the same experiences as you when it comes to music as well...bought and paid with a license --- but not good enough for YT. (Artlist is popping into my head as I type this ) Freaking crazy!

    What was it that Peter Finch said in the movie Network - "I mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore"! I'm all but done with Youtube.

    You know Mike - I have dearly missed Hit - U tutorials. IMHO they are the best detailed material every produced in the supporting of Hitfilm. It's a darn shame that YT has hassled you so much...kinda takes away the will and spirit to produce things about something you are passionate about - just to be "hassled" for your efforts.

    You mention Vimeo. I've had a Pro account there for 5-6 years and hardly ever used it. Well it's high time I did. I know that I can add up to three team members onto my account. I'm going to look into the particulars of the Team Member options there to be more clear as to what I can do exactly. I would be more that tickled to offer up access to you, Jay and Frank if you guys ever needed an alternative. Funny thing to... my mind wanders to using Youtube for "trailers" or "snippets" of the content on Vimeo - something like an excerpt with an invitation that reads something like " to see the full video visit Vimeo/my account". Kinda like "Power Up webinar" Larry Jordan style.

    Of course there is nothing I can do about YT exerting their "power" over me accept complain - as long as I use the platform - BUT of course there are things I can do to leave YT in the rear view mirror and never look back.

    Without change there can be no progress. 🖖