HitFilm + HEVC + HDR Export?

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Im looking for novice freindly software that can edit 4K/HEVC/HDR files and export it, nothing complicated, mainly cut files and combine and add images [its gameplay]

In last week i downloaded 10+ programs and none of the easier one, ont have HDR.

I downlaoded hitfilm to test but in the export section it doesn't have HEVC only 264 and of course no HDR since you need HEVC for that

Am i missing something? do i need to buy HDR support sepertly?



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    First, we need to define what "HDR" is, when it comes to video, cuz you have at least one incorrect notion in your head.

    "SDR" video uses 8 bits per pixel for color information. "HDR" video uses more than 8. 10 and 12 bits per pixel are the most common, depending on the format and codec.

    Notice I said "depending on the format and codec," because other codecs, including ProRes, Cineform and DNxHD/HR can hold more than 8-bits of color information.

    On MAC Hitfilm can export 10/12 bit (HDR) via ProRes. On PC Hitfilm can export 10/12 bit (HDR) Cineform.

    H.264 (AVC) CAN support 10-bit (HDR) export, although Hitfilm doesn't support that option.

    Your statement that HDR requires HEVC is incorrect.

    Hitfilm doesn't have HEVC output, so HDR exports from Hitfilm would be in Cineform or ProRes. From there a third party transcoder could produce an AVC or HEVC file.

    However, base Hitfilm Express only processes in 8-bit color. 8-bit processing for 10/12 bit output is just SDR wasting data.

    For true HDR work in Hitfilm Express you need one of the following add ons - 3D: Models, Color: Starter, Color: Correction, Color: Scopes. All of these allow Hitfilm to work in a 16-bit color space (Pro is up to 32-bit).

    Best option for 16-bit in Hitfilm Express is the Pay What you Want: Starter tier, which has the Color: Starter Pack and two others.

    Note with stills "HDR" specifically refers to 32-bit per pixel images.